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H20 Designs 148mm Pump

H20 Designs 148mm Pump

H20 Designs 148mm Torrent Pump Kit

H20 Designs 148mm Cast Pump has finally arrived!  We are proud to supply H20 Designs cast pump, this fits all 144 Yamaha Pump applications.

Many have experienced the thrill and excitement of the performance gains brought to the industry from this pump. H20 Designs has worked nearly three years on this project, testing and tuning to be able to offer the best performance for the money.  

This one piece stainless cast design offers a significant performance increase compared to 144mm aftermarket pumps.  The pump is available in setback and non set back versions.

The reason for creating the 148mm size is so it will directly bolt into all Yamaha 144 applications.  No need to modify your pump location, this is a direct bolt in.  

H20 Designs 148mm Pump Set Back [Add $995.00]

H20 Designs 148mm Pump Non Set Back

Select Driveshaft
Standard SJ Driveshaft

Set Back Driveshaft [Add $369.99]

Select Bearing Kit
Standard Bearing Kit

Set Back Bearing Kit [Add $124.99]

Select Impeller Pitch
All impellers are manufactured by Skat Trak. The D-75/20 is the magnum swirl impeller that is 148mm and has 20mm threads. All props that will come with the H20 Designs Pump will be 3-5mm cutback as well. The default 7/12 is selected, each additional impeller is 296.99.

9/15 [Add $296.99]

10/16 [Add $296.99]

12/17 [Add $296.99]

13/18 [Add $296.99]

14/19 [Add $296.99]

15/20 [Add $296.99]

Kit Only [Add $0.00]

Pre Assembled
Includes Grease, Prop Washer and Assembly

Base Price: $0.00
Customized Price: $1,652.96

  • H20 Designs 148mm Pump Non Set Back
  • Standard SJ Driveshaft
  • Standard Bearing Kit
  • 7/12
  • Pre Assembled
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